QUAPAW, Ok — Gaming, dining, and hotel stays, the tenets of a visit to Downstream Casino Resort, will each look a little different after the casino reopens on May 21, 2020.

For the past two months, the closest casino to the Ozarks has been closed due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketing Spokesperson Barry Linduff says the resort has taken the last few weeks to come up with nearly 60 pages in new protocols unique to each aspect of the business.

Gaming experiences will include more space than usual between players. Guests can also expect to see a few more safety precautions taken by the staff.

“We’re going to limit the number of players at the tables at this time to create social distancing that way,” says Linduff. “Dealers will have gloves, they’ll have masks [and] each dealer will also be issued hand sanitizer.”

The casino is also in the process of removing 500 slot machines from their floor to provide space between players as well. It might sound like a drastic shift, but the casino is confident in this decision.

“Downstream has never in it’s history met max capacity, so we don’t anticipate ever reaching a point where somebody has to be turned away,” says Linduff.

Every guest will have their temperature taken at one of the two points of guest entry. If your temperature is over 100.4 degrees, Linduff says, no entry will be allowed. Employees will also be subject to temperature checks.

Dealers, waitresses, and bartenders will have on gloves and masks, and they’ll be available for guests too.

Food and beverage director Lucus Setterfield says restaurants will have table spacing, plexiglass guards at the bar, closed self-serve fountains, and extra cleaning time.

“Whenever you disinfect an area, you need that area to have a little bit of containment time. A little bit of time for all those chemicals to make sure that they’ve sanitized the area properly,” says Setterfield.

The tables will be disinfected and cleaning products will be allowed to take effect for at least 5 minutes before guests are seated. The tables will be marked to indicate whether they have been sanitized between customers.

Linduff says, initially, the number of rooms available will be limited.

“Every other floor we’ll have open, that way it allows us every 24 hours to turn over a new floor and completely sanitize from top to bottom. Take all the bedding, bag it, sanitize, and kill the germs over a 24 hour period.”

Self-serve soft drink fountains will be temporarily closed as well on the casino floor.

Downstream Casino Resort will open May 21 at 2:00 pm.