The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a 2019 prequel to the Jim Henson classic film, The Dark Crystal (1982). It sheds light on the precursors that lead to the final war, in which almost all Gelfling are exterminated by the Skeksis. The show has garnered immense praise: for its phenomenal CGI, intricate puppetry, as well as its exceptional screenplay.

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In fact, Age of Resistance has been compared to Game of Thrones, in terms of “political intrigue, shocking deaths, backstabbing.” The world-building of Thra was also substantially influenced by the set of GoT. Given all these similarities, one would wonder where the allegiance of each Dark Crystal character would lie in Westeros. The list below classifies several important characters into their most apt Game of Thrones House.

10 Deet – House Greyjoy

Deet could only belong to House Greyjoy: she exhibits the early timidity of Theon, rarely venturing past her comfort zone; unless there was someone who needed assistance. Then Deet would morph into Yara, taking the route of pure courage and self-reliance to protect her dear ones. This can be observed in many instances, such as when she distracted a Darkened Nurloc that was about to eat her little brother, Bobb’N. Deet can also be naive at times, as a result of living deep underground in the Grottan caves and away from other Gelfling clans.

9 Seladon – House Martell

Seladon spent most of the show either whining about her so-called inheritance to the Gelfling throne, or fawning over the Skeksis in order to get in her good graces. Nevertheless, she clearly displays the traits of House Martell. Like Oberyn, who never gave up on his quest to avenge his sister, Seladon fights tooth and nail to protect her people from the Skeksis (this change is brought about by the death of her sister, Tavra.) She even accepts Maudra Fara’s Trial by Air, even though Fara is obviously the more experienced flier.

8 All-Maudra – House Arryn

House Arryn is known throughout Westeros for its generosity, welcoming anyone in need with open arms, as shown by Jon Arryn when he agreed to take care of the young Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Similarly, the All-Maudra Mayrin understands that her role exists to conserve the interests of all Gelfling, even though she was afforded her status by the Skeksis.

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Unfortunately, just as Jon Arryn is poisoned by the Lannisters so their incest remains secret, Mayrin is murdered by SkekUng, The General, to prevent knowledge of Skeksis crimes spreading to other Gelfling.

7 The Heretic – House Targaryen

SkekGra the Conqueror, was once the most evil of all Skeksis, destroying everything in sight to satisfy his violent urges. The Targaryen family have displayed similar qualities. The Mad King, Danaerys’ father, had a fetish for watching his enemies burn alive, considering himself a metaphorical dragon. After SkekGra was exposed to the will of Thra and turned into The Heretic, he became rather eccentric, terrifying the visiting Gelfling with his unstable behavior, another Targaryen hallmark.

6 Brea – House Tyrell

Brea was the only child of the All-Maudra who was not burdened with any royal obligations, allowing her to immerse herself in the historical records of Thra. Much like Margaery Tyrell, Brea doesn’t care much for the boring formalities that took up her mother’s time, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t comprehend the political underpinnings of Thra society. In fact, she was the first to realize the voracious greed of the Skeksis, just like Margaery and Olenna instantly see the dangers posed to the Tyrell line by Joffrey.

5 Mother Aughra – Free Folk

The Free Folk were those people who dismissed what they considered the oppressive notions of Houses and kingdoms, choosing to live by themselves beyond The Wall. Mother Aughra shares almost identical tendencies — she cannot tolerate Thra divided into Clans, like the Skeksis had planned to weaken the unity between Gelfling.

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Instead, her words of wisdom suggest that there can be no bias, no prejudice against one life form or another. To Aughra, all beings are of Thra, and consequently, her children.

4 The Chamberlain – House Lannister

The Chamberlain is the vilest among all the Skeksis, not because he’s destructive or brutal, but because he is filled with malice against everyone, including his own people. He exhibits a level of cunning that can only be matched by the likes of House Lannister. Like Tywin, The Chamberlain does not like to get his hands dirty, instead employing dirty tricks and mind games to get his way. For instance, when he tries to convince Rian that he can save him, or when he lulls The General into a false sense of security, finally killing the latter when he has grown weak.

3 Rian – House Stark

Rian is an exceedingly brave character, placing his own life at risk in order to save others; this is shown when he rescues an unconscious Deet from the marauding Nurlocs in the Caves of Grot. He is a classic Stark, down to a fault. Like Robb, Rian sometimes acts brashly and without thinking. For example, when he tries to catch an Arathim by himself so his father, Ordon, would give him more responsibility. Rian is always the first to step up to a challenge, as when he immediately pounced on the opportunity to wield the Dual Glaive.

2 UrGoh The Wanderer – House Tully

urGoh the Wanderer is the spiritual opposite of The Heretic, resulting in his slow, relaxed and calm demeanor. This is reflective of Catelyn Stark, who still retained the grounded realism exhibited by her maternal family, House Tully. Like Catelyn, urGoh also showed irritation if his complicated riddles were not instantly fathomed by the Gelfling.

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However, he mainly prefers to pass his days getting high on hallucinogenic fruits known as urdrupes, in order to see what the future holds for him and The Heretic.

1 The Hunter – House Bolton

There is no doubt that SkekMal, The Hunter, is a Bolton. The savage atrocities inflicted by him on the innocent denizens of Thra fit firmly within the moral principles of House Bolton (whose flag is a man literally skinned alive.) The Hunter is focused only on one thing, killing prey that he considers deserving of his time and effort, even carving up their bodies to keep as mementos of “the hunt”. His singular ambition earned him the praise of Mother Aughra, as she believed that he was the only one who acted like a Skeksis was meant to act.

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