Freaks and Geeks is a charming portrayal of public school life in suburban Detroit — unfortunately, it was canceled by NBC president, Garth Ancier after just one season, ending in 2000. However, Ancier has since expressed regret, saying that it “was an awful decision that has haunted me forever.”

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He is not alone; several fans of the series were upset at not being able to follow the stories of the complicated 1980s teenagers. The show’s creator, Judd Apatow, included several of the actors from Freaks and Geeks in his 2001 show, Undeclared, but it was also canceled after one season. Here is a list of the main characters sorted into their Hogwarts house.

10 Lindsay Weir – Gryffindor

Gryffindor is known for its fearlessness and gallantry, always being the first to offer protection or save someone in distress. Lindsay Weir shows her affinity for this house on several occasions. For instance, when she jumps between Sam and Alan, daring him to harass someone who didn’t “weigh less than a hundred pounds” or when she defends Eli, who is constantly tormented because of his speech disability, telling his bullies that it didn’t even matter if they were married. Lindsay even asks Eli to go to the Homecoming Dance with her right in front of the stunned goons.

9 Jean Weir – Hufflepuff

Jean Weir is a calm, composed character, who rarely puts on a tough persona (unlike her husband, Harold.) As a Hufflepuff, she is incredibly friendly to everyone, even when Lindsay brings over her friend Kim Kelly, a senior who has an unfair reputation as a delinquent.

When Sam gets egged during Halloween, Jean is the first to react with concern, immediately running over to gently wipe him down. In a later scene, she gently reprimands Lindsay at not being there to protect her brother but understands that her daughter needs her own space to breathe.

8 Daniel Desario – Slytherin

Daniel is a classic Slytherin. Not like Draco or his minions, or even Voldemort, but more along the lines of Snape. He tends to act aloof, especially when it comes to romantic overtures that his girlfriend, Kim, secretly desires. However, in one beautiful scene, he shows that he understands the mistakes he has made during his life.

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Daniel tells Kim that if he were a father, he would hate it if his daughter hung out with people like him, because “Who wants their kid to have sex and do drugs? Nobody.” Like most Slytherins, Daniel is capable of taking charge of the situation; but sometimes uses his charisma to push his friends into doing things they really don’t want to.

7 Kim Kelly – Ravenclaw

As much as she despises school and its associated academic demands, Kim Kelly happens to be ridiculously smart, although more on the street than anywhere else. She displays the persistence and dedication that are characteristics of Ravenclaw house, being the main caretaker of her brother, she has learned how to outmaneuver her horrible parents in order to give herself and her sibling a change to escape home. More importantly, even though their shoplifting ideas come from Daniel, only Kim has the wits to construct a fool-proof strategy to avoid getting caught.

6 Bill Haverchuck – Gryffindor

Bill is the nerdiest of the Geeks, if such a thing were even possible, but then so was Hermione. Bill’s sorting into Gryffindor is based on the pure spunk he displays when he and Neal go to end the reign of their tormentor. When Alan asks them what they were up to, Neal responded with a terrified “Nothing!”, but Bill told him that they were “kind of here to beat you up.” He is also courageous enough to stand up to Coach Fredricks, his intimidating gym teacher when the latter starts dating his mother — a situation that Bill finds incredibly distasteful.

5 Sam Weir – Hufflepuff

Sam, like his mother, is one of the few authentic characters, being true to himself above all else. Hufflepuffs like him are able to discern slight shifts in ethical conduct, such as when he realizes that his girlfriend Cindy, is a hardcore Republican, which goes against all his values.

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Continuing along Hufflepuff lines, Sam cannot tolerate it when people close to him express intolerant views, leading him to dump Cindy almost immediately. Unlike Neal, who insists on being in the spotlight, Sam prefers to limit his competitive nature to fun activities like playing Dungeons & Dragons.

4 Neal Schweiber – Ravenclaw

As a Ravenclaw, Neal Schweiber is intelligent and witty, perfect features for a stand-up comic (which he wants to become when he grows up.) Unfortunately, there is nothing he loves more than wanting to be a star, which often makes him embarrassing to be around — especially when he carries his ventriloquist dummy with him. However, this makes him even more of a Ravenclaw, given the presence of several unorthodox people who have been sorted into the house, like Luna Lovegood, with all her quirks and idiosyncrasies.

3 Ken Miller – Slytherin

Ken Miller is one of the most loyal characters. However, he does not take sass from anyone, not even his best friend, Daniel, for instance, when he punched Daniel for insulting his girlfriend, Amy, by referring to her as a “guy”. As a Slytherin, Ken has a natural allergy to any sort of rules or conventions, given that he doesn’t care about school or his future. This is because his parents are super-rich, which gives him the opportunity to coast through life without a single care in the world, like Draco and the ridiculous wealth of the Malfoys.

2 Nick Andopolis – Hufflepuff

The name Hufflepuff, according to several fan theories, implies a house of stoners. While this is not canon, it makes a fair bit of sense given their general serenity and flexible personas, making Nick Andopolis a prime member. His love for weed is inextricably linked with his fondness for Hard Rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Rush, whose members were known for their generally peaceful (read: hippie) outlook.

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Being a Hufflepuff, Nick is equally devoted to his friends, which is shown when he manages to slowly ease Lindsay into the Freaks, even though Kim and Ken were initially hostile towards her.

1 Harold Weir – Gryffindor

Sometimes, Gryffindors prefer to fight by themselves, as they believe that asking for help would hurt the people involved (an annoying habit of Harry’s.) Harold Weir is no doubt a Gryffindor, not just because he was brave enough to fight in the Korean War, but because he brought that courage with him when he became a father.

Even though he is under intense strain, since his store is receiving less business than it used to, he doesn’t inflict his anxieties on his children. Harold understands that a real hero’s actions will never go unnoticed, even if the hero disappears into obscurity.

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