Pokémon trainers will have to take a break from catching ’em all for a little, as it’s reported that the Pokémon GO servers will be going offline.

Pokémon trainers will have to take a break from catching ’em all for a little, as it’s reported that the Pokémon GO servers will be going offline on June 1st. But don’t worry too much, it’s only because the app is undergoing server maintenance for a couple of hours. Releasing back in July 2016, Pokémon GO took the world by storm, allowing players to live out their childhood dreams of going out on an adventure to collect and find wild Pokémon of their very own.

With millions of hopeful trainers from around the globe flocking to the app stores at launch, Pokémon GO has continued to grow, generating an estimated $894 million in gross player spending in 2019. Since its initial release, the game’s developers, Niantic, has continued updating the app, constantly adding new Pokémon to find, improving the game’s mechanics, and even going as far as to provide players with a way to catch Pokémon from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Niantic is continuing to roll out fresh content – even with the upcoming server maintenance just around the corner.

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According to the official Pokémon GO website, the server maintenance will begin on June 1st, at 11am PT (2pm ET). Once the maintenance is completed, the game should be back up and ready to go at 6pm PT (9pm ET). While waiting for the game to go offline temporarily, however, players can continue to complete the May missions and Hoenn Challenge quests, as well as look forward to getting the chance to catch a shiny Bronzor on May 26. Along with that, players will be able to vote for the next Pokémon to be featured in the June and July Pokémon GO community days.

Pokemon GO Anniversary

Pokémon GO has been running strong for the past four years now and has no signs of losing its popularity or slowing down. With constant updates and occasional maintenance to improve the game, it is clear that Niantic is dedicated to keeping its fanbase engaged and entertained with Pokémon GO.

So, while players wait for the servers to temporarily go offline, they can take this time to catch up on all the Pokémon training they’ve been putting off this May. Then, when the game goes offline on June 1st, rest easy knowing that when Pokémon GO comes back, the game will more than likely be better than it was before.

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