Microsoft may be on the verge of revealing the Xbox Series X launch date and price details, if the new online store page is any indication.

The launch date and price details for the Xbox Series X seem imminent, as the console’s official pre-order page has suddenly gone online. With the craze surrounding the next-gen console’s Smart Delivery system, fans have been wondering when a specific release date for the device will be revealed. Rumors also indicate the possibility that the Xbox Series X may be more affordable than players expect.

Despite the hype, Microsoft’s recent Xbox Series X showcase didn’t live up to player expectations. Even with all the games confirmed to be available for the console’s pro-consumer Smart Delivery component so far, the lack of detailed information regarding the system’s production, availability, and overall lineup has made the journey to its launch underwhelming for many fans.

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A new page on the Microsoft Store, however, could indicate the possibility of the Xbox Series X’s launch date and price details being imminent. The page is set up similarly to all other Microsoft Store pages, with a grayed out button on the upper right-hand side of the screen indicating the point where consumers will be able to place the system in their virtual cart in the future, with “Coming Soon” offering a placeholder text in the box and “Currently not available” posted above.

Moreover, detailed descriptions and pictures of the console’s hardware are also available on the pre-order page. Although the information provided is nothing that Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios haven’t already revealed, the page’s very existence indicates new information may be coming soon. Regardless, it remains uncertain whether or not Microsoft intends to provide any new details regarding the console’s release date and price.

The Xbox Series X shed its “Project Scarlett” skin at The Game Awards 2019, where Xbox Game Studios revealed the device’s architecture and official title for the first time. Alongside the architectural debut, first-party developer Ninja Theory revealed the first trailer for Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga  an Xbox and PC exclusive title. Since the system’s official name and aesthetics were presented, limited information has been disclosed. The Smart Delivery system is arguably the newest software feature, allowing gamers to play the optimal version of specific games they purchase depending on which console – Xbox One or Xbox Series X – they’re using at any given time, all without having to purchase the game more than once.

While enhanced graphics are par for the course when it comes to next-gen consoles and updated PC hardware, the upcoming generation’s focus seems to be on the reduction of loading times. To facilitate this, Microsoft and Sony have touted their respective solid-state drives (SSDs), and only time will tell if the new hardware will achieve what each company touts. If nothing else, faster loading times will let gamers finish playthroughs faster, needing to sink less time into gameplay and giving them the option to either play something else, or engage in other activities entirely.

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