Minecraft Dungeons launched yesterday to mostly positive reviews.

It’s a pretty straightforward dungeon crawler a la Diablo, though much less complex. I’ve played a bit, and so has my almost-10-year-old and we both had fun (on Xbox One). There’s no building, no crafting, just a fun adventure that you can go on with friends or solo. For fans of Minecraft, it’s a fun new way to experience that world. But I think it’s a game many kids will enjoy.

Better yet, you can play the game on Xbox One or PC for $1 to make sure it’s your cup of tea. All you have to do is sign up for a Game Pass Ultimate trial. This gets you access to not only Minecraft Dungeons, but dozens of other games in Microsoft’s impressive Game Pass catalog, on both Xbox One and PC, including nearly every Microsoft exclusive.

That $1 gets you access to the service for one month. After that, Game Pass Ultimate costs $15/month though you can cancel if it’s not for you. This price includes both a Game Pass subscription on Xbox One and PC, as well as Xbox Live With Gold, which is required to play online games on Xbox. It’s a great deal.

To sign up for the $1 one-month trial, go here. You’ll have instant access to Minecraft Dungeons, along with a bunch of other games, and will keep that access until your subscription ends. Pretty cool.